It's Worth a Shot!

We set our alarm to wake up – why not set it to go to bed!

The largest sleepover, or Pyjama Party, ever recorded by Guinness World Records was organized by Girlguiding UK last May 8, 2008. The event was attended by 1,626 participants in Kent, UK. This was a big event and the planning was enormous.

Even for a small event, like a good sleep, we need to plan for it. Thinking it will ‘just happen’ is absurd and being in a state of denial. How is it possible that it will just happen when it hasn’t for so many nights, which is why it is on your mind. We plan for dinners, date nights, adult evenings, gatherings and appointments so they happen, so why night sleep?

Of course, occasionally good things happen without planning, but we need good sleep to happen every night. If you fall asleep on the lounge, well for one it isn’t quality and it produces a broken night of sleep.

We let conversations, others, our work, hobbies, leisure activity all get in the way of sleep. We need to get control back and not ‘go to bed’ when everything else is sorted, but make sleep an important priority!

So try and set your alarm to make your body get used to certain sound and time to start shutting down for the evening!

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