Not All Mattresses Are Made Equal - Spoiler It's Not Always The Most Expensive One That Feels The Best!

We here it all the time when customers walk through our doors "show me your best mattress you have to sleep better". We casually smile and say "we will do you better than that and show you 20-22 of them on our floor". You see, there isn't really a one size fits all mattress especially crossing many budget requirements. Sure, everyone can "sleep" on any mattress. We do it all the time when we travel in hotels, visit family and friends, or any other reason we have leaving home. However, you aren't really getting the rest that you typically would on a mattress specifically for you.

We do our best to educate customers each time they walk in and tell them don't chase "sleep" pursue the "rest". They look at us funny at first thinking this is some kind of semantics game or a sells gimmick, but we dive deeper. We explain that you can almost always sleep on a mattress no matter what the comfort is or technology that might be in it. Sleep just means that your eyes are closed, you aren't moving much (especially if you have the correct mattress), and you are on your journey to rest. Sleep doesn't really rejuvenate you as fast as rest does. Rest is when your body is actually replenishing your energy tank, allowing your body to recover from the day and preparing/healing for the next day. We are just recently, as consumers, beginning to get a clear picture of the difference thanks to smart watches. If you own a smart watch, download some kind of sleep tracking app. Inside the app you  should see a total sleep time and a total rest time. This will really be unbiased opinion if your mattress is doing it's job for you. We always marvel at people that said they only got 4 hours of sleep and they are as chipper and cheerful as can be ready to tackle the day. What they aren't telling you is when they actually go to sleep, they are falling into a deeper (REM sleep) rest.

Think of it like this, if your car battery needs more juice you have two options a trickle charger that slowly but surely puts juice back into the battery which could take 24 hours or jumper cables that jolts the battery back to life and gets the engine running again within minutes. That's the same with your body. Sleep will eventually get you there it will just take you longer, but rest is the secret sauce to tackle the next day.

After we spend just a minute explaining the difference between sleep and rest, we then move on to tell them that there isn't a magic unicorn mattress, even the Reverie Dreamcell that we carry on our floor with the unlimited customization options for comfort because some people just don't like the spring type nature of latex. We also blow their minds by telling them that price doesn't always dictate comfort. We have disposed of several $2,500-$4,000 heavily marketed name brand mattresses because they hated the thought of sleeping another night on it and slept perfectly on a $899 mattress.

Sure, there is a threshold of "you get what you pay for" we don't deny that, but if you are properly consulted on a mattress and lay down on a few "good, better, best" options you can really hone in on shortening the time it takes to get to restful sleep. During the consulting phase of it all is where our expertise really shines. We make recommendations not on behalf of spiffs or ease of delivery or even price, but based on how your body is reacting to the mattress. You should be relieved when you lay down on a new mattress because it takes the pressure off your spine and gives you proper posture. If not, we go to another to really narrow down what material or build of a mattress is giving you that comfort.

You need to find that someone that isn't selling you, but educating you. 
The thing is, there isn't a one size fits all. There isn't a menu that you can order from and feel satisfied after like a restaurant. It's personal, it should be done in the store with an experienced staff preferably one that doesn't make more money if you buy the top mattress on their floor. You need to find that person that will call a spade a spade. You need to find that someone that isn't selling you, but educating you. You should leave the purchase counter knowing exactly what your getting and why your body is feeling better because of that.

Visit our website or come by our showroom for your personal consultation to really capture your restful sleep so you can get on with better things.