Pillow Talk Time

One of the most over looked items that people tend to forget when trying achieve a better nights sleep is their pillows. Typically consumers are only focused on upgrading their mattress. However, since your mattress is worn out due to use, we would bet your pillow is too. Your comfort changes faster than you think and you might assume your mattress is bad, but your posture and pressure points have changed. We always recommend customers to update their pillow, which seems to be a lot harder than buying a new mattress. We understand that, but your spine and neck support is dependent on your pillow, not your mattress. The mattress is intended to give your body support and help with proper spine alignment, however, that is as only good as the pillow.

People laugh at us when we travel because we ALWAYS pack our pillows. We know that no matter the comfort of the mattress, we can at least get a decent nights sleep with a good, supportive, pillow. The pillow technologies have changed as much as the mattress technologies over the years. We are firm believers of pure latex pillows.

Latex pillows, unlike foam or traditional feather pillows, give you a positive response feel the entire time. Your head will sink comfortably into the pillow, however, there will a constant support  feel to it encouraging support and lift to keep your neck supported. We also like the pure latex material because it is a great product to rest your face on. With all of the chemicals and toxins that are in most pillows you find in big box stores, our latex pillows are made in the USA and are all natural.

In fact, latex pillows are 33% more pressure relieving than ordinary memory foam. They do not emit any harmful gases and naturally biodegradable. They come in any comfort level from plush to firm and all standard sizes.